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Dołączył: 02 Gru 2023
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PostWysłany: Sob Gru 02, 2023 09:55 Odpowiedz z cytatemPowrót do góry

Meaning by this, the form of an irrational order that expands tentacular through the denial of reason. Using a given social network, we have the perception of being part of an information and decision-making flow , a comment under the live commentary of a political leader makes us feel part of a whole that allows us to ascend from our dimension of anonymous face into the mass of decisions of the state. But this perception of ours is suffocated by the chaotic background noise of the digital flow , within which what we write becomes a simple graffiti carried away like a twig by the ocean current.

The chaos that I instead refer to figures like Trump is typical of the archetypes of trickster divinities, those figures who at every latitude, from the Greek Eris to the spirit of the Coyote among the Winnebago Indians, have sown irrationality, discord, connecting Web Development Services the human being, and despite and through technology, to its primordial and feral soul. The Divine scoundrel investigated by Jung, Kerényi and Radin, a figure who wreaks havoc and who through his darkness balances the architecture of the cosmos. Something more radically profound than the demagogic and dull Gillion 'vaffa.


I'm not saying that Trump was aware of this role, but his figure was used and seen by a large part of those who agitated in his favor in the blue shadow of the Internet as the figure capable of shattering the institutional order of supposedly rational politics. Which makes perfect sense from this perspective, because the chaos brought about by the Trickster is not evil or negative, it only aims to undermine the presumed 'reason' of goodness: on the other hand, I don't think that Clinton was a completely clear or light character , his defeat by Trump balanced the hypocrisy of 'goodness.

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Wysłany: Sob Gru 02, 2023 09:55 Powrót do góry

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